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Car Dealer Mobile Website Design

Car Dealer Mobile Website DesignYour business’ web presence is a hugely powerful marketing asset. At Forecourt Plus we can ensure that your customers have access to a website which is easy to use, fast and secure.

Mobile visitors to your website are entirely different to desktop visitors. With different needs and expectations, they will potentially have slower connections, and less time to spend surfing the web, so our design team will ensure that your mobile website provides the information, functionality, and experience that your mobile users deserve to have.

In the mobile context of web users, your customers are likely to have limited attention and even more limited patience. The solution: our car dealer mobile web design is designed for what is most important for your mobile visitors.

Mobile Friendly App Style Website

Turn your website into a mobile friendly app style site, compatible with all smartphones. Smartphones are rapidly becoming the most popular way of browsing the web and it's important to give your customer the vehicle information in a format that is easy to read on all devices.

Anyone visiting your website from a smartphone will automatically be redirected to an easy to use stock list page with all your listings presented in a layout designed for the phone.

Benefits of Professional Mobile Web Design

Traditional websites are designed to offer the optimum experience for desktop and laptop users. Mobile optimised websites on the other hand are designed specifically for the significantly smaller screen size of a mobile phone. By creating a website which is faster and more specific, your customers will be exposed to a far high user experience by being able to access the information that they need quickly and without fuss.

Our mobile enhanced web design offers a range of unique benefits to our clients and therefore your clients. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Fast Download Speed
  • Increased Accessibility
  • Competitive Edge

Further Information

If you would like any further information from Forecourt Plus, give us a call on Tel. No. +44 (0)1883 372488 or e-mail us at and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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